About Nugget Watch

My oldest younger sister frequently sent me chicken nugget deals. Any time there was a new nugget deal I would get a message about it. It didn't take long to realise that this information shouldn't be kept to myself but shared with the entire country.

So now I present to you Nugget Watch, the Wikipedia of chicken nugget deals. Nugget Watch is for that special kind of person that both loves chicken nuggets and great deals.

You're welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you keep track of chicken nugget prices at places like fish and chip shops?
Our tech team is looking into this.

How often do you update prices?
Our team works around the clock to update prices about once a week.

How do I calculate my height in nuggets?
If you are cm tall then you would be 34.5 nuggets tall, stacked end to end.

What if I don't know my height in cm?
That's your problem, bud.

How big is the Nugget Watch team?
It's just me.